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April 6, 2013
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The chirps and notes that echoed through the canopy like firefly’s drifting into the night, sung by the active and jolly birds of the Indian Jungle, spreading their songs to all those who can hear. Filling the hearts of all those who could hear the simply with a sense of happiness and enjoyment. However, not every being cared much for the birds song, nor their spirits were raised by it. For the light scuffing of soles against the  rainforests dirt and dusty carpet, dragged heavily in sorrow… and confusion….for during the events of the second adventure in the Jungle, Mowgli the man-cub, a skinny child who wore a crimson red loin cloth, had long black hair that spiked  in areas due to being overgrown, was un-sure about his choices he had made…

Truthfully he missed the village life, he missed Shanti….her gentle and graceful voice…the very beacon that shone to him and introduced him to the village life in the very beginning. Ranjan, his foster-brother who very much reminded him of his wolf brothers back when he still lived with the pack, young and energetic, always wanting to go adventures….always wanting to explore, live and thrive in the Jungle…. Just like he Mowgli did…and should still do but… why did he feel this way? Telling Baloo to scare Shanti should they ever see her, along with any other villager they might encounter…including Ranjan…. After telling the other animals at the Jungle ruins about all the downsides of the Jungle village and why it was bad place to live….it felt good to just out right slander them after everything Mowgli had been through….but hearing the other animals mock them aswell….it just felt so wrong to Mowgli….so very wrong….

It was then at that moment Mowgli had slipped away from the ruins, leaving behind Baloo and all the other animals….hoping no one would miss him as he ran out to ponder to himself about it all… why he felt so bad about leaving the man-village now….about leaving Shanti….about leaving his Foster-Family….about leaving…his home. All those village memories flooded back, it was hard to remember life before the village became his new life….now whenever he thought or spoke of his tales of the Jungle, it had always been “Before I came to the village” Or “Before I lived in the village”. Depressed and baffled…Mowgli continued to stride into the depths of the jungle….not once thinking that the last time he did this….those years back….past the waterfall…up the great tree…the python who’s eyes lit the night sky, the coils that tightly bounded the man-cubs body within….the soothing voice that lullabied him into a deep sleep….luck was on his side that day, he escaped thanks to Shere-Khan getting in Kaa’s way, keeping in him distracted and penetrating the firm grip of Kaa’s coils, allowing Mowgli to escape…but the sweet scent of Nostalgia was soon to be smelt again….

Stumbling along the crumbling dirt Mowgli’s dirt covered soles did cry in ache, though Mowgli didn’t care too much for what he felt outside, walking further into the Jungle didn’t seem too appealing, upon stumbling on a large tree, baring a comfortable branch to sit upon, Mowgli wasted no time scaling the trunk and stationing his loin clothed behind onto the wooden textures of the branch.  Dangling his legs down into the depths, placing his palms onto the branch, head staring back down at the carpet of dirt and leaves and sighing….”did I make the right choice? Leaving the Village, to live with Baloo again….leaving behind everyone…. is the Jungle really my home?” Mowgli moaned to himself, pondered in thought….daydreaming about the events leading up to this moment….

“Now…I may not be a man-cub but I think living in the Jungle is much better then the life in a man-village” Spoke a familiar voice from seemingly out of nowhere, causing Mowgli to look up the second his ear drum caught the tongue of the mysterious voice.  
“Who’s there?” Mowgli responded with a sharp jolt, turning his head in every direction, searching for the source.

“For one, in a man-village only man and their cubs can live inside them, but here in the Jungle, every animal can live here together and all be friends….like a panther…or a bear… a wolf…or a ssssnake….” The voice continued ignoring Mowgli’s question. “Now I persssonally find variety to be a very big factor….. like you don’t just eat one monkey all the time, every meal of your life….no you eat lots of different things….otherwise you’ll get bored…. Wouldn’t you agree? Man-cub?”

“Well….I know we might be all the same kind in the man-village but…we’re different some-how…” Mowgli replied, now standing up to get a better view, to pinpoint the one whom he is speaking to.

“Yessss….well sssaid, but in any casssse….all those rulessss….all that work…. The man-village issssn’t a fun place…itsss practically dull and boring….asss you ssssaid yourssself….a little earlier….” The voice continued… seemingly above Mowgli, causing him to stare up into the tree…into the leaves…the branches above…..

Of course this being must have been at the Jungle ruins while Mowgli was there…. Could he have maybe followed Mowgli? But why would he follow? Why is his voice so familiar? Wait? The hissing…. The creature hum Mowgli is speaking too…its….It was already too late.

Two great powerful glowing eyes greeting Mowgli as he looked into at the canopy above….a swirling array of colours, a real spiralling rainbow of blues, yellows….greens….blues…purples….orange….the eyes grew bigger….but Mowgli couldn’t look away…..For the instant he looked up, he fell right for the trap….the trap set by Kaa the Python. The Very snake that tried to capture the man-cub few times while he lived in the jungle…while he journeyed through It… The curved shaped head, the forked red tongue, those big entrancing eyes….and the endless sea of constricting coils, had all been waiting for the man-cub’s eyes to stare up into the trap….

Kaa had certainly been at those ruins, oh yes he had. Hidden in the shade of shadows high in the branches of a tree…. Hoping to sneak a monkey or another unsuspecting animal into his stomach…he had decided trying to fit a man-cub into his appetite, after the run in with the girl and the kid with the stick, was a bad idea and therefore he had returned to the centre of the Jungle, where his chances of succession where greatest….and he was right. With two mice and a Jungle Babbler digesting in his stomach, his luck had changed, of course when he doesn’t leave his thinking to his stomach he is actually a very devious and powerful snake.  Despite having a few smalls morsels in his stomach, his attempts to capture other creatures never cease….and when Baloo appeared with the Man-cub…things became interesting. Kaa silently stared at the man-cub as he and Baloo danced, and sang with the other animals, listened to Mowgli’s complaints and even joined in with the mocking of Man-village…and when the man-cub wander off….Kaa soundlessly slithered behind, up in the branches….waiting for a chance for their Official forth encounter to begin….and now it had….

By the time Kaa’s head emerged from the shadows of the canopy above, Mowgli’s eyes had become an exact counter part of Kaa’s. Every colour imaginable, flowed like an endless sea of waves crashing into the sides of pool where they vanish and later reappear back in the centre…. It had all been too easy for Kaa… the second the man-cub stopped to climb the tree, Kaa knew it was his chance… placing himself on a branch far above Mowgli’s  listening to his mumblings…. Replying and seaking the man-cubs attention….to quickly turn his curiosity….into his greatest weakness and now…he was his.

Kaa’s tail emerged from the branch, lowering itself just below the Man-cubs clothed behind,  it wrapped itself up and crafted a neat little chair for the entranced-cub to sit upon….

“Pleassse, sssit for me man-cub….” Kaa instructed, his first test to see if Mowgli was indeed under his trance….and sure enough, the boy sat without a second of thought or question, onto Kaa’s little chair. A smirk emerged from Kaa’s face, reflecting the  plastered silly grin Mowgli displayed from his hypnotised face, as he lifted the now sitting man-cub up high into the branches of the tree….into the canopy…. into the shadows….where no animal, where no bear could find them.  Where they could never be disturbed….

A great shade of leaves, was just what Mowgli needed to escape the humid heat of the Jungle’s beating sun…but such pleasures seemed less than trivial to the entranced. Mowgli continued to smile in delight as Kaa’s head emerged with him, no longer displaying the great sea of colours in his own eyes, for their job was done, it was time for Kaa to have his fun… after all the Man-cub was his now. Excitement rushed through Kaa’s scales, as his eyes darted up and down the man-cubs skinny smooth body, his skin just as delightful to touch as it was that time ago… Oh how much he missed the man-cub, the red clothed child that slept silently in his coils…the dreams he had of having the cub wrapped, bound, trapped, now soon to a be a reality once again.  

“Please stand for me man-cub, and shut your eyessss” Kaa commanded, ready to toy with his prey just like before, when he lullabied Mowgli to sleep….not wanting to take the risk of being overheard like before Kaa decided it would be best not to sing….but that wouldn’t stop his fun. Mowgli did as asked, happily obeying his master, as he leaped from his sit and onto the branch. “Ssshut your eyessss, walk towardssss me” The whispers of Kaa further ruled over Mowgli’s mind as he began to stride forwards, eyes closed….

A bridge Kaa constructed, his coils laying the foundations of Mowgli’s pathway, as he stepped off the wood –like textures of the branch, and onto the scaly warmth of Kaa’s coat. His path soon, to spiral into a great circle, which Mowgli looped with ease, with the support of his guardians, the coils of the great serpent, resting his head against them as he walking directly upwards, and then around….but before he could complete the loop, the headrest let him go, and Mowgli drifted down, sliding along the coil and onto a newly crafted hammock. Kaa cradled Mowgli, sliding the hammock from left to right, right to left, left to….right…. any last ounce of energy Mowgli may have had was now put to rest….

Falling into a deep slumber… the man-cub now no more than a snake toy, completely at ease….more willing to do whatever bidding his master would intend for him… snored lightly as the cradling came to a halt, then the hammock did collapse, Mowgli had moved on from his swing and onto the slide. The coils spiralled around and around, a now fast asleep man-cub rode down the gentle spiralling ride and at the bottom, a cushion had been formed….or rather an entire bed. For while Mowgli was gentle swayed, Kaa’s coils came together, wrapping up to form a snug cocoon for the man-cub to spend his sweet cotton dreams napping within… the buys feet, legs, loin-cloth, belly, arms, chest neck…all disappearing inside leaving only his head to remain uncoiled, along with the very tips of his toes, peeking out at the bottom of his cocoon. In a matter of seconds, the man-cub had been enveloped in a sea of warmth, a snug bed of absolute pleasure….the man-cub was now bound within Kaa’s coils… trapped, captured but not a care in the world from the child himself, for the land of dreams welcomed him, as did the coils that now contained him…

The smiling Python tugged the man-cub back up, onto the branch and sat him in his cocoon back onto the branch. Just as much as the man-cub was pleasured by his hypnotic powers and his coils….the man-cubs smooth skin, the bodily heat from the cub’s skinny body, had pleasured Kaa just as much.  “He’s mine this time….yessss…..all minnnnneeee ssss…” Kaa yawned, deeply satisfied with himself, placing his head upon Mowgli’s and shutting his own eyes, after such a swift and nifty success…

The Jungle was still brimming full of life, the melodies the birds sang, echoed in the air, still bringing enjoyment to those who listened, yet there are those who care not for the sweet sounding notes,  at this time, for one a worried bear, clambers through the jungle, searching for something…while another young couple, of children, a girl and a boy, both very tired after walking aimlessly through the jungle, also searching for a friend who went running off into the very jungle….not to mention the sleepy child locked up tightly locked up in a cocoon, with his captor sleeping with him, head on head…. asleep so soundly,  no bird song could wake them from their deep hypnotic slumber….
A little story I wrote while I was away in Cornwall and unable to really do a lot artwork wise, may be a tad rushed in areas but never mind, It was just a little fun anyway. So as you might know, Disney's The Jungle Book 2 doesn't really have an actual encounter between Kaa and Mowgli, even though the film isn't really that great anyway. In any case, this is my idea of where an encounter could have taken place and how it fits in with the story. Taking place right after the scene at the Jungle ruins where Mowgli sneaks off after feeling slightly depressed about telling the animals about how bad the man-village is....only to discover how much he misses the place.

Anyhow enjoy, if it gets enough attention I may write a sequel!

The Jungle Concept + Characters (c) Disney
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